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The lake of  Kaiafas in Ilia / click image to enlarge

Peloponnese Photo Gallery

Zaharo - Bech - Sunset - Peloponnese, Greece / click image to enlarge

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Ilia, Peloponnese, Greece, Zacharo, Beach, Ilia, Peloponnese, Greece / click image to enlarge

Zaharo situated just 45 km away from Pyrgos town, aproximately 25 minutes drive on the way to Kalamata. Zaharo is enveloped in pines and olive trees bordered by an enormous stretch of beach with white sand and sparkling water.

You can enjoy your holiday swimming in the endless sea and laying on the beach with the golden sands that extends from Kaiafas to Kyparissia and relax with delicious snacks and traditional greek ouzo at the taverns which are placed along the beach.

Zaharo's beach is awarded every year by the G.O.T. as one of the most beautiful
and clean beaches of Greece.

Kaifas lake situated on the way from Pyrgos to Kalamata aprox 20 minutes drive from Pyrgos just before you reach Zaharo. Kaiafas is a well known spa, its famous mineral waters gush from two caves formed by crevices in the rocks.
Kaiafas Lake, Ilia, Peloponnese, Greece / click image to enlargeThe larger one is called the cave of the Anigrides, the smaller the Geranion grotto, dwelling places of nymphs since antiquity.

The place is strangely beautiful, delightful, though the odor of the springs does detract somewhat. Legend maintains that the centaur Nessus washed his wound here after being struck by Heracles' poison arrow, and that is why the water smells.

However, Kaiafas is not only sulphurous springs. It is also pine trees, sand, sea and a long, long shore. It's hard indeed to draw yourself away from such a sea.

Greenery gradually gives way to rock, massive peaks and a few scrawny shrubs.Apollo Temple, Vasses, Peloponnese, Greece / click image to enlarge
Amidst this tangled wilderness the temple of Apollo Epikourios is a surprising sight.
Designed by Iktinos, architect of the Parthenon, it was built in 420 BC on the foundations of an older temple by residents of the neighbouring settlement of Figalia. It was dedicated to Apollo, in thanks for the god's delivering them from an epidemic.

This is the best preserved temple in Greece, second only to the Temple of Hephaestus (The Theseion) in Athens.
Vasses and the temple of Epikouros Apollo can be reached by driving from Pyrgos via Ancient Olympia and Andritsena (65 Km from Pyrgos and 46 KM from Ancient Olympia)

The medieval Katakolo is located in the district of Ancient Pheia in a distance of 12 km from Pyrgos Town (aprox 15 minutes drive). In the bay of Agios Andreas, atop a hill, are the remains of a fortress called Pontikokastro, built by the Villehardouins.Katakolo, Ilia, Peloponnese, Greece / click image to enlarge

In Katakolo's port, that is recently reconstructed, the tourists have the opportunity to visit the tourist shops along the road next to the fishing boats. Katakolo is a port of call for the cruise ships for visiting the Ancient Olympia which is only 30 km away. Katakolo's taverns are famous for the fresh fish they offer in their menu, whereas the cafes and bars are famous for the excellent view they offer to those seeking a picturesque place to enjoy their cup of coffee or their drink next to the sea.

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