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Kalavrita Photo Gallery

Kalavrita Village Greece / Click Image to enlarge

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Kalavrita Village Peloponese Greece, View from the Kapis field Kalavrita, Achaia Peloponnese, Greece,

Where to Stay in Kalavrita - Kalavrita Hotels

Kalavrita, is the capital of the province of Kalavryta in Achaia Peloponnese.
Kalavrita is a small town found in altitude 750m, a city with many sights and historical memories. Kalavrita It is the city-symbol of freedom.
Kalavrita is a picturesque town that serves as a starting point in touring the surrounding areas. The visitor of the Kalavryta Metropolitan area is given the opportunity to admire historical and archeological sites as Ancient Loussi, Pausania’s vine-branch, the ancient town of Klitoras, the Castle of Oria, the Chelonospilia, as well as places of extraordinary natural beauty as the springs of the rivers Ladonas and Aroanios. All around Kalavryta, scattered on the slopes of Chelmos and Erymanthos,
there are 75 villages, most of them built in forests of pine and plane trees.

The whole province of Kalavryta as well as the small town of Kalavrita with its abruptly changing landscape,
its idyllic spots, the characteristic architectural style, and the developing tourist structure constitutes an area
that will attract even the most demanding of the visitors. In all the way to Kalavrita from Diakopto Village - where you leave the highway Korinthos - Patras, to get to kalavrita - the visitor moves itself parallel with the railway lines of famous Odontotos that ends in the city of Kalavrita.
It is a really unique occasion admiring the unique Vouraikos gorge.

.Kalavrita in Peloponese Covered in Snow / Click Image to enlarge The Odontotos Train from Diakopto to Kalavryta / Click Image to enlarge The Gorge of Vouraikos in Kalavryta Peloponese / Click Image to enlarge Helmos Ski Center in Kalavrita / Click image to enlarge

Just 14 kilometers from town is the Kalavrita Ski Center, said to be one of the best in Greece.
Complete with modern facilities it is a great place for skiing, snow boarding or hiking the many trails.
It is found in altitude 1.650 - 2.349m It functions from the 08:00 - 16:00. It has seven lifts with possibility of 5.000 individuals/hour. It allocates 12 floors of total length of 20 kilometres, for all the categories. There you will find renting and sales of ski equipment, ski faculty, restaurant, bar and cafeteria.

The Agia Lavra Monastery in Kalavrita / Click image to enlargeThe Greek Revolution against Turkish domination started in Kalavryta in 1821.
The Banner of the 1821 Revolution is kept at the historical Monastery of Agia Lavra.
The Monastery of Agia Lavra is only 3km away outside of Kalavrita town on the side of a pine covered mountain, at a point which commands a view of the whole Vouraikos river valley. The Agia Lavra Monastery Constructed in 961 at an altitude of 961 meters, it once also had 961 monks.

The Agia Lavra Monastery in kalavrita  / Click on the image to enlargeIt was here, from the present building dating from 1689, that the call for “freedom or death” first rang out in 1821, commanding Greeks to defend their heritage and throw off the Turkish oppressors.
The revolutionary banner was raised in the garden under the historic plane tree.

The monastery church has a fine carved icon screen, frescoes damaged by fire and the icon of Aghia Lavra. Apart from the revolutionary banner, the relics include a very old Gospel, a gift of Catherine the Great gold crosses reliquaries and a valuable collection of early Christian and ancient objects.

The monument that commemorates the Heroes of the War for Independence, Revolution of 1821 / Click Image to enlargeOn a hill opposite, a monument to the heroes of the Revolution of 1821 looks down over the monastery. It is the monument that commemorates the Heroes of the War for Independence. It's a huge statue with three giant figures: the priest, signifying Bishop Germanos and the role of the church, a klepht, one of the freedom fighters,
and on top is a statue of a woman who symbolizes Greece being freed from her chains.
From this mountain there is a spectacular view of the whole valley which is surrounded by pine covered mountains.

The Holy Monastery of Mega Spileo in KalavritaThe Holy Monastery of Mega Spileo, the most amazing shrine of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Peloponese, lies not far from Kalavrita. The Mega Spileo Monastery is the oldest Greek Orthodox Monastery, built 924 m. above the sea level in 326 A.D.
The Mega Spileo Monastery has been destroyed four times. Nonetheless, the Holy Icon of Theotokos, which according to the tradition is ascribed to Luke the Evangelist, has always been saved.
The silhouettes of the monks with their long hair, full beards and erect figures testify that another way of life – the ascetic way, so different from our own – reigns here.

The Memorial of Kalavrita Olokaftoma / Click Image to enlargeDuring World War II Kalavryta became a target of the German occupation forces.
The Germans who wanted to destroy the resistance but were unable to catch or kill many of it's members decided to vent their frustration on the civilian population.
On 13 December 1943 all the male population of the town was executed by the Germans who in turn burnt all the houses and churches. A huge cross stands as a memorial of the massacre of Kalavrita on a hill above the tormented town.
Massive stone monuments have a list of the names of the dead and their ages.
On the ground is written with white stones " Peace" and "No More War".

The Cave of Lakes in Kalavrita / Click Image to enlargeA half-hour’s drive, aprox 17 km from Kalavrita, near the village of Kastria, will bring you to the Cave of the Lakes.
This is the only cave in the world where ponds are layered on three separate levels.
A narrow passage takes you into a first small cave that broadens into an enormous cavern 2 kilometers long with 15 miniature lakes formed by natural dams.
The stalagmites and stalactites with their extraordinary shapes, the iridescent colors, the immense boulders, the small waterfalls and the tiny lakes with their natural dams stimulate and delight the imagination.
Tours are taken through the cave every half hour or so and the guide speaks in English and Greek.

For your stay in kalavrita we recommend the Dryades Hotel in town as well as the Stathmos Hotel just a few minutes drive from kalavrita in a distance of 6 km away of the town. The Petrino Cafe - part of Stathmos Hotel
- is an ideal place for coffee or drink especially during winter time.
Both Hotels are open all year round and offering excellent service.

One of the best restaurants in Kalavrita you must try is the Traditional Taverna "Peri Orekseos"located in Kalavrita town center at the end of the main street in Kalavrita. Excellent traditional Greek food an special dishes.

Diaplasis Cafe in Kalavrita town - The Hand Made massive Logo / Click Image to enlarge Diaplasis Cafe in Kalavrita - View of the Interior / Click image to enlarge Diaplasis Cafe in Kalavrita - wall painting inside the Cafe / Click Image to enlarge
Once in kalavrita do not miss to try the best hand made cheese pie and the best Cappuccino in town at the
Diaplasis Art & Taste Cafe. It is located just opposite the Kalavrita Train Station at the corner of the 2 main streets of Kalavrita Town, just next to the Kalavrita Museum.

To get to Kalavrita from Athens it will only take a 2,5 hours - 3 hours drive.
You take the highway from Athens to Korinthos and follow the highway to Patras.
You pass Kiato town and Akrata town and you leave the highway for Kalavrita at Diakopto, just after the village
of Trapeza. The journey from Diakopto to Kalavrita is 30 minutes. You can also leave your car at Diakopto Village and take the small train Odontotos (Tooth train) to kalavrita. The journey is aprox 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Kalavrita is an ideal place to visit once you touring Peloponese driving as no organized tour will take you there.
Kalavrita is the ideal place for adventure holidays all year round as well as for people love nature, away from
organized tourist resorts.

Where to Stay in Kalavrita - Kalavrita Hotels




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